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Underlay & Accessories

Its vital to have the right type of product for your flooring, as the right underlay will keep your carpet looking new for its full lifetime.

All our accessories and underlay are of the highest quality. We fit it, so we make sure its the right stuff.

Please read on for more info on the products varieties, prices and advice we offer for our underlay and accessories.
We sell a number of different underlays of different thicknesses.

We sell every underlay type to help with your carpet choice and will advise the best combination of underlay thickness, room use, carpet type and price.
We provide a number of different underlays from wool felt, crumb rubber to PU foam carpet underlay from 5mm to 11mm thick.
Choosing the right underlay for your carpet is very important, as your carpet is only as good as your underlay!

A good underlay protects your carpet and will keep it looking new for its full lifetime. Having a new underlay will make your new carpet feel so much better under foot.

As we are a full service flooring company, we also advise on the best combination of underlay, accessories and fitting services with the carpets you want and need.
Price ranges as a rough guide (please contact us for a more specific quotation);

£2m2 to £2.75m2 is our budget range.

We then have underlay and accessories, which are at the top of the scale, coming in above the £3m2 mark.
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